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Life, Interrupted by Death

Veronica Reason had never described a murder scene as beautiful before. This one was different. A pretty young prostitute is murdered in her own home in Bristol, England. Superintendent Reason and her CID officers follow the abundant evidence. Within hours they have a sure-fire suspect. Her squad bear down on him with handcuffs at the ready. The problems begin when the forensic evidence points in another direction. He is not the killer. They must regroup and begin again. Painstaking investigation leads them to a second suspect; this time they are certain. This man had the means, the motive and the opportunity. His DNA puts him at the scene and in intimate contact with the murdered woman. His arrest is imminent when a startling piece of evidence is uncovered by a junior member of the team. The second suspect who would surely have been found guilty if the case had gone to trial, is let off the hook at the last minute. Once again. Veronica Reason must use all her skill and determination to bring the final suspect to justice. In a thrilling action-packed finale, we see her chase the killer across the heart of Somerset until he is brought down in the quiet village of Chew Magna.

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Robin Peacock
Ex airline pilot with a love of the written word, seeking to spread entertaing and exciting books to my fellow readers.