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Monsters & Bugs

Not one's home, we live myth before we engage it in a story. About a decade before she died, the author's mother tells a story about the author's first encounter with worms around the age of three. This story becomes the inspiration for beginning Monsters & Bugs as a poetry series. Working this poetry using a mythopoetic method leads to the discovery of a hidden figure in the author's inner world, a tiny bug once called, “the worm of the tree.” Sometimes our tiniest images carry an immense weight of monstrous importance leading back, not to a set of ideas, but to an ear that hears through what reverberates beyond itself out of a poetic basis in mind. Hearing through radically, the poems found in Monsters & Bugs form a kind of scaffold re-imagining of a narrative home-coming within it in which to absorb poetic experiences.

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stephanie pope
Cultural mythologer, poet-essayist, Stephanie publishes Mythopoetry Scholar Ezine at and Mythopoetry Blog at Published in numerous poetry journals, "Monsters & Bugs" is her second poetry volume.