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Narrative poetry
Paper Lilies & Porcelain Butterflies

   A refreshing touch of whimsical artistry in a world of all too crass reality. Give yourself a  moments reprieve and be transported among the secretively intimate. 

    Indulge in the many unfolding scenarios   –watch as the dramatics of a theater evolve. Listen as a forest is brought to living life, or sit table side to a lone woman's conversation as she uncovers her truth. 

    Part the pages, have them speak and discover the edible things. 

Author Details

Gerald Mills
        Gerald Mills is currently the author of two books  'The Decadent Lie'  and  'Paper Lilies & Porcelain Butterflies' both are works of narrative poetry.  He is the  father of two wonderfully dramatic children. Born in St.Catherine, Jamaica, he arrived in the U.S. at the age of six, and currently resides in Ohio. He has a passion for the written word and a love for photography.  "I find myself searching out the abstract; the intangible beauty found in everyday existence, hoping to grasp hold of it as though it were its own possible possibility, giving it life amidst pen and parchment".      -gerald m ​