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Weak Link

She's gone. Just vanished into thin air. She didn't take her car or her purse. Jane is not coming back. Her husband is worried, but some of her friends aren't. Why did Jane leave? What happened to her? And ultimately…is she dead?  Weak Link is a mystery, suspense, crime novel set in 1998. The backdrop is Dublin, Ireland at the height of the Celtic Tiger economic boom. New money is everywhere and everything is changing…or so it seems…

Author Details

Beaufort Gray
Beaufort Gray is a novelist and the author of Weak Link, currently sold by Kobo. Beaufort is a dual Irish and Canadian citizen, and spends most of the time frustrated that the world will not allow more time to write. Beaufort is not young nor old, and lives with a partner and two great kids. Beaufort also has two cats that “help” with writing. Sometimes they try to type, but it never ends well.