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Ethics Poetry
A Volume of Poetry - Number 79 - "The Collection Continues"

This significant new book of poetry covers a wide area of life's challenges, victories and joys. It does not fail to recognize God in all His Glory. 

Grandpa Moses Baird, the author, spares no punches in describing events and situations that are sometimes painful to discuss. He does so without embarrassment, as he calls upon his own experiences in a full life of tremendous variety. 

He credits his wife, Honey, for her interest and encouragement toward his work. He deeply appreciates this support; as it has taken many hours of his time, lost in the composition of "Volume of Poetry -Number 79". 

As one indulges in the subjects the author has chosen to commit to his rhyme and verse, one can be transported to another time. A time when one likely encountered similar experiences to those that unfold in his poetry. 

While the volume may not contain poems that will be learned and recited precisely, they will leave a lasting impression on the minds and character of many. 

Grandpa Moses invites you to travel with him through this patchwork of living..... really living!

Author Details

Rob "Grandpa Moses" Baird
A lifetime writer on the ethics of common day living. Professionally, Grandpa Moses is a graduate and Valedictorian of Woodbury University. He engaged in representing and funding many commercial real estate developments over a 40 year period in this American business. He currently resides with his wife, Honey, in Chandler, Arizona, and Corona, California.