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Positive Minded People

In this book, we share stories of starting over from failed relationships, LGBT issues, self-acceptance, addiction and everything in between. No rock was left unturned. The ability to live a more positive life in the midst of adversity is achievable. Being positive is not a coping skill. It is a real tool to redefine experiences in order to produce a better outcome. It helps you show up differently. Positivity keeps you going from within yourself when every reason around you tells you to quit.

Author Details

Drew Bensen
Drew was born in Southern California. He moved to Seattle at 21 where he lived for 19 years building his company and community. He is an entrepreneur, public speaker, inspirational coach, and transgender man. Positive Minded People is Drew's first book. He currently lives with his dog Ralphie in a Winnebago chasing the endless summer.