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Leave the Body Behind

Discover your True Self … when you remove the ball and chain of your attachments!

Remember, you are a Soul who resides in a body, and its shape and size and colour bear no relevance to the truth you desire. So, while the choice to nurture or neglect one's physical embodiment remains, where can you quench the inner thirst of your Divine essence? And, what life-path will eradicate those ill thoughts and words and deeds of the past, and release the burden of one's karmic shadow?

This short-read will show you how to experience the magnificence of your true self, and help you to comprehend your own brilliance is without limitation. Through the silence of your Sojourns, you learn the reality of freedom, which brings clarity and focus by revealing the truth of who and what you are. In stillness, you will forget the attachments of this world, elevate beyond the human form, and Leave the Body Behind.

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David Knight
David has participated and helped to conducted Spiritual Development and healing circles for nearly 25 years. He has also been a guest speaker - sharing his enlightened experiences to promote ‘oneness'- at various Mind, Body and Spirit engagements across the UK. Through inner-dictation, dream interpretation, meditation, mindfulness, pre-cognition, and healing, the books he co-writes with 'Spirit' provide you with the foundation to discover your own path of truth. With a renewed sense of purpose, the Spiritual Guidance and Education you receive can help you reach the goal of self-realization and bliss within the permanence of love and light. David is tee-total and a vegetarian, who loves the sunshine, nature, animals, and his wife!