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The Soldier And The Author

After twenty-two years of service to her beloved United States Air Force, Bailey Barker decides to retire. She does so with trepidation. Upon the recent death of her mother, Clarissa, the young Lt. Colonel decides that she must focus on the estate which she inherits. The fortune entails a significant amount of money and land. As she walks across the airfield in Mobile, Alabama, finally “free,”  Bailey bemoans the loss of her officer status and position as a registered nurse.

Fear assaults her when she realizes that she has never enjoyed the luxury of wasting time. How does one waste a day? Her last deployment to Afghanistan inflicted a severe case of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome upon this dedicated soldier who sacrificed so much. 

Finally arriving at the swanky mansion, which her mother named Sunny, she realizes many more challenges other than settling the massive estate await her. Bailey's refusal to visit her mom for the past five years now brings incriminating thoughts. What kind of daughter never checks on her dying mother? Immediately on arrival at the swanky mansion, Sunny, the soldier learns that her mother lived with a handsome, much younger, famous author for the past five years? This stranger loved her mom filling her final days with excitement and joy. Where was she when her mother died of cancer? The entire town of Fairhope, Alabama claim to have loved the woman with platinum hair and her famous lover, the author Oliver Greene. Now, the village is hesitant to welcome the child who spurned the “belle of the town.”

Bailey quickly discovers that Oliver Greene is not just kind. He is gorgeous. In no time, the arms which once held her mother, now embrace her. Shame that she would dare to entertain her mother's lover assaults her as well as the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress from her last deployment to Afghanistan. The young woman has no time to regret her decision of retirement as circumstances pull her into the bizarre life of the beautiful Clarissa Barker.

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Linda Heavner Gerald
Award-winning author, Linda Heavner Gerald, recently received the Florida Authors and Publishers Association silver medal for Literature. Ms. Gerald's book, The Soldier And The Author, was selected as a Top Pick in the Spirited Woman empowerment group. She was also recently voted by the public as one of Fifty Great Authors You Should be Reading as well as placing as a finalist in Novelunity, a competition for authors from all over the world. Mrs. Gerald and her husband reside on the Forgotten Coast of Florida where they love to bike on trails by their home and enjoy walking on the most beautiful beaches in the world. Linda writes each day. Her goal is to demonstrate that God loves all of us. No one is beyond his redemptive grace. A degree in nursing allows this author to incorporate information into her writing with the hope that a reader, who is suffering from a similar problem, may consult a professional. She also is a world traveler who enjoys transporting readers to distant places from the safety and convenience of their home. Linda feels that a good book should be more than just a good read; it should enlighten readers. Linda has thirteen published books.