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Dr. Brown: A Klondike Love Story

Abby Porter refuses to be a shrinking violet. In the 1800s, when women are told their place is at home, Abby is intent on defying expectations and pursuing a career in medicine. But with all she's facing, she still leaves room in her life for romance.


At her side is Nate Brown, a young doctor who loves Abby, who through a series of tragic events finds herself employed as a Gold Rush “good time girl”, for both her mind and her ambition. Abby feels a blazing connection to Nate, but their bond is sorely tested. A series of deadly challenges—including a shocking murder accusation and a psychotic stalker—hound the young lovers from the Klondike all the way to Nate's home state of Michigan.

Author Details

Kay Wright
Kay Wright is a journalist, author, and painter based in the Deep South. She holds a master's in English literature from the University of Alabama/Huntsville. She now devotes her free time to painting and writing. Dr. Brown is her first novel.