Broken Childhood-Mended Dreams (The Misadventures Of Jimmy Lee)


As a reluctant author I have had to leave out many of the events in my life. Even so, I am still nervous about divulging so much detail.

I am aware that much of my life has been shaped and dominated not only by circumstances beyond my control, but also by bad luck, foolishness, bad judgment, stubborn resolve, envy, vanity, anger and pride.

Those factors, mixed with a desire to just live, love and be creative and successful, presented a dichotomy that has been hard to live with, and indeed, difficult to reconcile.

Over the past few years prior to writing this book, I have had an overwhelming desire to retrace the many steps in my life with the hope that I might find some sort of comfort or solace that would help me to understand why my life had been marred by a catalogue of events that seem to have contributed to my somewhat ‘colourful' career.

My strong, personal sense of injustice caused me to react spontaneously and aggressively to the many unreasonable circumstances that seemed to dog me from the very start.

I have, therefore, over the past few years, made a personal pilgrimage to the many places that featured so significantly in my life. I went back to the beginning and visited my birthplace - 100 Vale Road, 5 East Street, Seaford, and the orphanage in Preston Road, Brighton, and I sat on the very step where, as a child, I had waited so patiently with my brother Billy for my dad. I then visited the ‘Murrell Arms' in Barnham, 88 Burpham, the chalk stream, Canada Cottages, Highden - where I found my initials still carved into an old beech tree (JL x LC) - Copsale, HMS Ganges, RNDQs Portsmouth, and Corradina Prison, Malta. I retraced my steps to Ennis and Killaloe, in Ireland, the Granuaile, in Dublin and finally, Nashville, Tennessee but I have to say, that reviving all these memories solved nothing!

I have often been told never to look back but I found that philosophy to be the preserve of a few and, for the most part, I have tended to look back with misgiving and regret.

I hope now that I can put my past behind me and thereby cease to continuously reflect in a negative way, acknowledge and take comfort in my blessings, and recall with pride my achievements and successes.

Faith has often been my salvation, something that I have turned to many times in my life.

I could say, of course, that it was not all my fault, as it was probably “written in the sand”!

The Last Shieldmaiden
My caregivers guide
I am a reviewer and author and proud to announce the release of my latest book titled: Caring for Family Members and Patients Who Need Us Because We Care: Information About Caring for Those with Alzheimer's Disease and Traumatic Brain Injury, Plus Dealing with Eldercare Abuse Paperback – April 4, 2018
The purpose of this guide is to help people that are caregivers understand what is involved when you decide as I did with my mom, to get help at home and what you need to do if you decide to place a family member in a nursing facility. This guide focuses on Alzheimer's, Elder Care Abuse and Traumatic Brain Injury.
I review books in print mainly fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction, children's books, YA, memoirs.
Fran Lewis
Post apocalyptic
Hi, I'm an Italian writer,  I'm 33 years old. This is the only novel of mine which was translated in English.
I hope you enjoiy it.

It's a post-apocalyptic story.

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Gradon Napoleon awoke this morning, dreaming of a man named Raffaele Donat. He was an innocent and a dreamer; a revolutionary in all but action. He carried few burdens, but he yearned for brotherhood and a sense of belonging. His family knew his desires, knew how removed he was from the fold, and the discord that could threaten to unravel well-laid plans if nothing was done to correct this wayward son.

Gradon rose, dreaming the life of a man named Raffaele. The images were with him still: a cursed heritage; a stained soul; a child of dark origins and bright vision. Forever haunted by the past, and hunted into the future, he had thought. Soon, at least, the hunters—like those out of Interpol and the States—would have to find other reason than rogue blood to set their mark. Soon, both parties would be accounted the same.

It was time. Almost two hundred years had it been? The end of life and love? For Raffaele, at least, he considered. For Gradon, it was time to meet his lover, take her into his arms, and change her life forever. And after that, the world and all its hunters would have to follow, or remain mortal enemies.

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