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Howdy folks,

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Gradon Napoleon awoke this morning, dreaming of a man named Raffaele Donat. He was an innocent and a dreamer; a revolutionary in all but action. He carried few burdens, but he yearned for brotherhood and a sense of belonging. His family knew his desires, knew how removed he was from the fold, and the discord that could threaten to unravel well-laid plans if nothing was done to correct this wayward son.

Gradon rose, dreaming the life of a man named Raffaele. The images were with him still: a cursed heritage; a stained soul; a child of dark origins and bright vision. Forever haunted by the past, and hunted into the future, he had thought. Soon, at least, the hunters—like those out of Interpol and the States—would have to find other reason than rogue blood to set their mark. Soon, both parties would be accounted the same.

It was time. Almost two hundred years had it been? The end of life and love? For Raffaele, at least, he considered. For Gradon, it was time to meet his lover, take her into his arms, and change her life forever. And after that, the world and all its hunters would have to follow, or remain mortal enemies.