Full Poem



Nebuchadnezzar had a dream which he was unable to cipher,

A statue with a head made of fine gold, with chest and arms of silver.

Belly and thighs of bronze, and legs of iron displayed,

Its feet combined of iron and clay had Nebuchadnezzar amazed.


A mighty rock smashed the statue’s feet causing it to sway

And after shattering it to bits the wind blew the bits away.

The rock covered the earth and Nebuchadnezzar awoke

He pondered on this dream and his thoughts were provoked.

Magicians, enchanters, sorcerers and astrologers were consulted.

But all scratched their heads and Nebuchadnezzar felt insulted.

Because the meaning of this dream was beyond their imagination

And Nebuchadnezzar felt mad and ordered their execution.


But Daniel a captive from Judah offered an explanation,

That brought Nebuchadnezzar great jubilation.

Daniel said that Nebuchadnezzar was the head of gold

His kingdom was strong and he would be bold.


  But after his kingdom had reached its end.

An inferior one would rule again.

And yet another would rise after the second had fallen.

A kingdom of bronze would be the third to have risen.



Following that kingdom there would be a fourth, strong as iron,

That kingdom would crush previous empires.

It would be divided however as clay and iron cannot mix,

But the kingdom of God would rise in its midst.


The kingdom of God will be as solid as a rock.

No one can crush it, whoever tries will be out of luck.

The dream was true and its meaning was certain.

The kingdom of God would stand forever unending.