Full Poem

God is a Poet

GOD IS A POET!. Take a look at the constellation of stars as they enamor the bluey dark of heaven You will see the beauty of poetry scattered throughout the nebulousness of the Universe . . Take a wide look at every creature that treads the land, From the sole intellectuality of man to the microcosm of microbes and whatnot, You see an exasperating arrangement of entities in the rigmarole tracks of life . . Take a look at those that reside in the darkened depths of fishy waters; From the great whales and leviathans to the roots and weeds and also unto the hideous and wonderful You observe the mystery of creation embedded in mystic poesies, . . Take a good look upon every single thing that is breathed upon, You see the hand of an unseen writer whose love for poetry knows no bound whose love for wordsmithship remains boundless and incomprehensible . . . Then you begin to wonder Sooner or after the while of reflection, knowing fully well that the said writer, is none but God, The Author and Finisher whose ink remains immune to dessication: . . Then in this ginormous admiration of skill, We remark and re-remark our surprise, Saying amidst awes cum wonders Exclaiming in waoh-ed tongues and voices, - "Indeed, God is a Poet!. " © Pat Ashinze , 2017 Rights reserved .