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Reflective Musings The sun is tired, going to it's astral sleep, Darkness coming in, like the ocean deep Vividly I witness it all from where I lie As nature’s azure flows across the sky Glowing jewels with splendiferous lights, Glittering diamonds; Lordy! What a sight! On the cold lawn, I observe in awe As the stars drench the sky's floor Gorgeous beauties, aloft in transcendence Still, my sentient soul reeked of emptiness. It was arid of strength and sight Horribly barren of will and might. Then I recall the words of ancient wisdom Not to languish in loneliness and boredom But; to rise up from the past’s aphotic abyss And bask in the light of the future’s promise Valiantly, I rose with a stallion's might Baded the evening a sound goodnight Slowly, I sunk into my couch for sopor Eager to witness a new day’s glamour… Pat Ashinze, 2017 Rights reserved