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When a Man Dies...

When a man dies He knows no more, He wants no more He hates no more, he loves no more When a man dies His friends, true and untrue, weep aloud; So loud and clear that he doesn't hear When a man dies, Evil no longer threatens his existence For Sorrow and Pain are for the living When a man dies All his deeds, good and malevolent Speak for him, long after his demise When a man dies His adversaries rejoice and gloat wryly Over his unreturning loss and mischief When a man dies He sees the true face of God The Maker, A fiery face, so unfit for the living to see When a man dies, The Sun never stops rising from the East Nor does the azure sky go bereft of Stars When a man dies Well-known or Unknown, Rich or Otherwise The Earth rejects none; All, she swallows When a man dies He goes down into the embrace of The Grave An abode, where everyone is fluent in Silenceā€¦ Pat Ashinze January 2017