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Name : Evolved Publishing LLC
Email :
Phone : 414-803-7265


A small press, we formed in mid-2011, and have grown rapidly since. With an ever-expanding team of authors, editors, artists, translators, and audiobook producers, we now offer books across multiple formats, in most genres -- everything from children's picture books to thrillers, from lower grade chapter books to romance & erotica, from YA to literary. We have something for everyone.

Each piece undergoes a rigorous and demanding editorial process. We believe in the power of words and in professionalism. QUALITY IS PRIORITY #1 -- that's not just a slogan, it's practically our religion.

Authors may learn how to submit at our website, and readers will find our full catalog of books there, too.

Dave Lane (aka Lane Diamond) - CEO, Managing Publisher/Editor, Co-Owner
Rick Eck - CFO, Co-Owner
David LItwack - Co-Owner
Jeff Altabef - Co-Owner
Dale Robert Pease - Co-Owner
Ana Popielnicki - Translations Manager