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With our other business, Overt Outreach, Social Media Empowerment and Virtual Training for Authors we provide some marketing.
Scribes Unlimited Press


We provide reasonable packages for marketing, publicity, social media and of course, publishing.  We also offer editing, and other services.  Scribes Unlimited has been around for 25 years, we've had our own books traditionally published and found that the royalties, marketing and such were less than ideal.  We want to introduce great new writers to the world, and help them make a living out of writing.  Contact us today!  Members of IBPA
Victory Tales Press


Blue Lily Publishing


Blue Lily Publishing is dedicated to bringing new books to the public. It is not easy for new authors to gain popularity when first releasing their books. We work to bridge the gap between author and readers.

 Our authors are extremely talented individuals, each with a different writing style and different genre. With our group there truly is something for everyone. We love the personality that shines through their books. With each new work that is released we hope to assist in bringing our team success.  
Evolved Publishing LLC


A small press, we formed in mid-2011, and have grown rapidly since. With an ever-expanding team of authors, editors, artists, translators, and audiobook producers, we now offer books across multiple formats, in most genres -- everything from children's picture books to thrillers, from lower grade chapter books to romance & erotica, from YA to literary. We have something for everyone.

Each piece undergoes a rigorous and demanding editorial process. We believe in the power of words and in professionalism. QUALITY IS PRIORITY #1 -- that's not just a slogan, it's practically our religion.

Authors may learn how to submit at our website, and readers will find our full catalog of books there, too.

Dave Lane (aka Lane Diamond) - CEO, Managing Publisher/Editor, Co-Owner
Rick Eck - CFO, Co-Owner
David LItwack - Co-Owner
Jeff Altabef - Co-Owner
Dale Robert Pease - Co-Owner
Ana Popielnicki - Translations Manager
BGP Publishing


BGP was formed in 2014 to bring quality books to avid readers. The founders are, themselves, diehard bookworms with years of experience in the literary world. They decided to bring their talents together in order to help struggling authors share their tales when others hesitated in offering them that chance.

The focus at BGP isn't on a specific genre, but rather the quality of the work and the willingness of the author to both stand behind it and promote it as well. In today's technological age, the job's not done once you reach "The End." That's where the real journey begins. 

At BGP Publishing it is our goal to take our readers back in time, thrust them into the future or take them on an adventure, if only for a little while. When people curl up with their favorite book, they want to escape and dream. When an author sits down to write, they want to create that dream escape.   

We are an individually and privately owned publishing house. We believe our authors are just as important as our readers, because they go hand-in-hand.  

When you become a member of our family, you will have our complete attention from editing, formatting, marketing strategies/planning, cover art and so much more. 

Half Light Publishing


Since Half Light Publishing was founded by a novelist wanting to help others we are happy to accept new authors! We are open to accepting already published, self-published, or aspiring authors who are represented or unrepresented. We are always looking for fresh material, but before you submit to us - please read through our submission process! Any submission that doesn't follow the process will automatically be rejected. 


Represented Genres 


We represent all areas of adult fiction, new adult, or young adult and will represent non-fiction only through already signed authors with Half Light Publishing. We do not represent childrens books, poetry, middle grade, screen plays, or short stories at this time. 


What we are currently looking for


We are currently seeking the following fiction: 


Over 60,000 words and edited. 

Hard Science Fiction, Paranormal Mystery, Space Opera, Thriller, Suspense, Murder Mystery, Paranormal, Literary Fiction, or Epic. If your manuscript does not fall comfortably in any of these genres, but can be considered to fall under these genres in any aspect, we will still consider it.




We only accept submissions through email and ask for a one page query letter and the first chapter or 10 pages of your completed manuscript. Please do not send emails with any attachments. These emails will not be opened. 


Please allow up to 6 weeks for a response to your submission. 

First Edition Design Publishing


First Edition Design Publishing is a hybrid publisher that falls between traditional and self publishing - the best of both worlds!

First Edition Design Publishing (aggregator) formats, converts and submits your book to over thousands of eBook and POD (PRINT) distribution points worldwide and to the top internet retailers including but not limited to - Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google, Ciando, e-Sentral, EBSCO and more.

First Edition Design Publishing currently accepts academic, poetry, novels and non-fiction. We also have the capability to process children's books in various sizes. Please visit our FAQ's for proper format requirements.

We accept orders from over 92 countries. We strategically have 12 print houses worldwide to meet all your shipping needs. We also have many marketing programs to help jump start your book sales!

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Divine Grace Publishing


Divine Grace Christian book publishing UK is founded on Christian principles of advancing God's kingdom through our writing gifts and talents. We are a dedicated Christian book publisher and we are committed to only publishing Godly glorifying books. At Divine Grace Christian Book Publishing UK we understand it is not always an easy thing to make people embrace the Holy Spirit led messages that are contained in genuineChristian books. People are passionate about their beliefs be it right or wrong. Therefore, it is often rare for unbelievers to show interest in aChristian book, which contains genuine Christian messages. The starting point therefore for promoting Christian books will be to target Christian audience. As a devoted Christian book publisher, our goal at Divine Grace Christian book publishing UK is to help our authors reach out to a worldwide audience through affordable yet effective book promotion services. With a vast knowledge of the Christian books market, Divine Grace partners with all the major international distributors such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram, Baker Taylor, Espresso Book Machine, Bertrams, Blackwell, Book Depository, Coutts, Gardners, Mallory International, Paperback Bookshop, Argosy Ireland, Eden Interactive Ltd., Aphrohead, and I.B.S - STL U.K.

Divine Grace as a Christian book publisher UK, can also create promotional materials if desired such as leaflets, cards, brochures, and brand merchandise, and can help you take advantage of ad space in magazine and video commercials. Their technologically advanced book marketing strategies are also worth mentioning, which include creating a promotional website for your book, online marketing, and social media advertising through Facebook and Twitter. Divine Grace can also make use of Internet TV broadcasting network technology to help you promote your book.

At Divine Grace Christian book publishing, we believe writing from a Christian perspective is a calling and not just a hobby. If you are called to write, either about your personal life testimony or to share your God given Word to the world, Divine Grace Christian book publishing UK, is here to help you. If you have written a book and wondering, ‘How can I publish my Christian book?, the time is now for you as a Christian author to join Divine Grace as a dedicated Christian book publisher to fulfil your destiny, to inspire others and leave behind a legacy for generations to come. You need not deliberate any longer or continue wondering about ‘How can I publish my Christian book?'. All you need is a computer, an audio recording machine or even a writer or scribe to narrate what you want to say. No matter your budget, at Divine Grace Christian book Publishing we can work with you to take your Christian book publishing project from start to finish. Explore with us the opportunities available to you.

We are here to help you to succeed in the competitive world of Christian Book Publishing. We can support you with everything you need to get started with how to publish your Christian book including providing you with the help you need to properly put your manuscript together, transcribe your video or audio messages, thoroughly edit your written work, design the cover of your book, its layout and the printing your Christian book.

What's more, we can take you one-step further and help you transfer your published book into an audio or e-book format and also help you generate much needed attention to your book through our book promotion services. Please navigate through our book Publishing Packages for further information on how Divine Grace Publishing can help you turn your manuscript into an exceptional book.

Anna Weber | Voices in Print Publishing


Publishing Services and Products 

  • Access to booksellers, online retailers and libraries
  • Print on Demand (POD) Technology – you will never miss a sale, or worry about excessive outlay for bulk printing and storage.
  • Books shipped directly for you.
  • Many available trim sizes – create the book design you want.
  • Economical pricing on color books.
  • Digital format available to major players such as Amazon's Kindle and other emerging e-book retailers.
  • Easy interface and experienced support for all your publishing needs.
  • Together… we put your voices in print and share your story with the world.