" Attaching to the thought about a situation is what allows emotions to take over. When this is understood nothing will pull you in so you’ll always be in control of how you’re affected by situations that arise. "
" The inner disturbances that keep you from your peace have nothing to do with life. They are a creation of your own mind and that’s what creates the disturbances which make you believe you are not at peace. "
" There are two ways a person can live, the mind set in place determines what one brings to humanity. Serve yourself and serve one or be of service to love and all humanity will be served. "
" When one’s distractions are seen as distractions, it is then that their true nature is revealed. Liberation will follow when the next distraction arises and one can simply turn away from its enticing lure. "
" All that happens in life affects a person because of the way one’s own mind allows it. The insanity of the Conditioned Mind is its self destructive distractions are all from within which means one creates their own misery. "
" The expansion of consciousness only happens in the now and it will only occur when one isn’t being distracted and using things that keeps them from the awareness of what’s occurring right now. "
" Not many people will see something different is needed in their life unless they see a reason for it. Without an understanding of the Conditioned Mind it will be nearly impossible for this to be seen. "
" Each day upon arising we make a decision, even if there’s no awareness of this one will either start the day in cooperation with the Divine Purpose or our own purpose; along with this decision are its consequences. "