" An outside view uses distractions based on the attachment to the world of “I”. An inside view has no such attachment and is based on the eternal; there are no distractions because there’s satisfaction right now… "
" We are torn between wanting to listen to silence and wanting to attach to the surface sounds of the world. Sometimes just by being sensitive enough to the first part, it provides the energy necessary to prevent the second… "
" We are our own judge and those judgements are determined by the conditioning in place. An inner conflict occurs when things don’t line up with the story of the way they’re wanted and hence they are judged… "
" Nothing is done or held onto without a reason why and if the why isn’t understood, you will unconsciously suffer the consequences of this conditioning as if you were on a leash… "
" A Conditioned Mind only makes decisions that are already determined. Only through a vision of stillness can true decisions be made because truth can only come from the stillness that is visual from the heart… "
" When the body is used to remain present you begin living your life in the only place that truly exist; where you are. In this space you find love, but this isn’t a story, it’s the love of just being where you are… "
" Projecting how you think things should be and the reality of how it is are vastly different. Being with what’s actually happening is the only place where you can be at peace and not one single projection of how you think it should be will change that… "
" Most reactions that occur in life are repetitive and are put in place by your own conditioning. If your life isn’t being lived to its fullest potential it’s your own repetitive reactions that are blocking it from being so… "