" Life itself is a result of the energy that’s attached to so if you stop attaching to past energy patterns life naturally becomes different on its own as its energy is transformed… "
" If you think an individual agenda will change the world you will be largely disappointed, not in your effort, but in the results of the world not changing… "
" Outside grasping uses distractions based on things that attach to the world. Now has no such attachment and is based in the eternal; there are no distractions in the Presence of Now… "
" It’s really very simple to understand the mind, it can be broken down into two mind states, light or darkness and everyone who is alive will be guided by one or the other… "
" There’s existence with all the mind made concepts and beliefs, but there’s also the bigger picture beyond the mind, this is where there’s guidance and freedom from all burden because there’s trust in how things are… "
" You are limited by the incessant need for explanations. Understanding is different than an explanation because it allows for the awareness of exactly what’s there instead of the thought of what’s there… "
" Thinking there is separation from others isn’t true separation, it’s only a thought, so when the thought does arise if there isn’t attachment to it there’s a connection with all of life… "
" If you truly want to see reality look no further than right now. Unless the mind settles and there’s awareness of this, reality will never be realized because you will be stuck in a place that’s not real… "