" If you truly want to follow your dreams look no further then right now. Unless the mind settles and there’s awareness of this, your dreams will never be realized because you will be caught in the fantasy of something that’s not real… "
" Attachments arise when something triggers them. At the root of this is “I” and as long as “I” is in control, the roller coaster of deeply embedded triggered attachments will continue to take you for a ride… "
" Do whatever it is that you need to do to make life the way you think it should be, but understand it’s in being not doing where life arises from and is truly lived… "
" Everything that’s considered a problem is created by your own conditioned thinking. What these problems equate to is a created delusion that then becomes the reality you live by and pass on to others as fact… "
" When there’s a story that you need something to provide peace, you become absorbed in that story. Until this is understood, you will remain absorbed in the story (thought) that peace is something outside of you… "
" Nothing from the outside truly controls you regardless of what it is; either real or made up. It’s your stuck emotions that attach to what happens that cause you to react in certain ways… "
" The Conditioned Mind is very unstable and has nothing solid to base itself in. There’s very little peace in a life based in this type of energy because the unstable energy of the mind constantly wants things different… "
" Your greatest relief is to accept yourself exactly as you are because the only real misery is you wanting you to be in some other way. When it’s realized you have been hiding from yourself, there you are… "