" It’s such a relief to accept yourself as you are because the only real misery is wanting you to be in some other way. When it’s realized you have been hiding from yourself, there is peace… "
" Triggers are activated by your Conditioned Mind. When the mind settles through understanding yourself, the non beneficial triggers within you become deactivated… "
" Beyond mind activity there’s nothing but space. Why this is difficult to see is because life isn’t about what you think it is, in fact life is everything you think it isn’t, but it’s not seen because of trying to figure it out with the mind… "
" Because of the way a person becomes conditioned fake answers fit into certain spots, and because of this we are constantly making up fake news where we think it will make life better… "
" Going through life without an understanding of how the mind works makes this existence much more difficult because it limits the view, and limiting the view limits the choices… "
" Everything arises from the space of silence, but not everything’s heard from the space of awareness. Freedom from the known can happen, but only when it’s learned how to truly listen from the space of awareness… "
" If you keep allowing the past thoughts to become entangled in the present, your life will be very unstable. This is because all the emotional pain of your entangled past will control the present… "
" Cling to nothing and nothing will be needed. Imagine not needing to cling to anything to be happy, joyous, and free with the understanding your completeness is always Now… "