" We are our own judge and jury and for the most part our verdicts are determined by our own actions; what is done when no one is looking. The energy you live by is a direct result of your own actions… "
" Don’t let the different consequences of desires lull you into an unconsciousness sleep. All desire leads to bondage (attachment) in one form or another regardless of what it is that’s desired. "
" Most people have an individual agenda that’s usually attached to satisfying themselves in some way and until this is seen even though we all exist in the same container (Earth) not much will change. "
" As you become more and more anchored in the moment, your created stories are needed less and less. Without a story, there’s a moments peace that the mind settles into because it’s the only thing that’s there. "
" A quiet mind gains insight by allowing your lies to be exposed. This inner place of peace is the place where all truth awaits to be revealed, but only when quietness is the focus. "
" To be inside a parameter of love the heart must be unlocked. Although this may not change what’s outside the parameter, it does change you from viewing life from “I” to viewing life from love… "
" Before being conditioned by the world and going back to a time when you were a child, returns you to your natural state of innocence and allows love to be the guiding principle in your life… "
" When one can only see and attach to form therein lies the root to all suffering. It’s in letting go of form concepts that you will see there are many parts to the whole, this reveals just how empty all things are. "