" To understand life one must understand death. When conditions are right to support life we exist, when those conditions aren’t supported existence in this form ends. Understanding this impermanence is freedom… "
" You may not be able to change the way that things are right now, but you can live in a way that you simply do what’s in front of you and live life as it’s given… "
" Seeking strictly arises from a false self, in quiet love arises. The thoughts attracted to you are from your own energy; self-seeking is the energy of selfishness and love is the energy of the universe… "
" Things happen in life that are sometimes downright nasty, but this doesn’t mean you have to allow them to control you to the point where your mind becomes agitated and you lose your anchor of peace. "
" Your judgements are the very thing that are judged in yourself. No one is perfect enough to judge another, but many only see the speck in someone else’s eye and not the log in their own. Judge another…condemn yourself… "
" The incessant mind chatter is the norm for most. Nothing that’s done is done outside the present moment so the thing to become aware of is if what you’re doing right now is beneficial to you or not… "
" An outside view uses distractions based on the senses that attach to the material world. An inside view has no such attachment and is based in the eternal, in love; there are no distractions with an inside view… "
" You will receive many benefits if your mind settles down in quietness. This settling though will not just happen, it will take a degree of discipline and concentration for the conditioned patterns to dissolve… "