" Be responsible only for what life offers right now, not a make believe life conjured up by the Conditioned Mind that only exist as a story between your ears… "
" The distractions in place are our blocks to peace. They’re used by a mind that for whatever reason has been developed to distract the Universe from using us to spread the peace in our heart… "
" Life will always take care of itself regardless if you think you’re its self appointed spokesperson and you’re going to set everyone straight who doesn’t conform to the way you think things should be… "
" It’s from your own inner lack that all your judging arises from. If there was no inner lack, there would not be the need to judge and all you would be left with is love… "
" The Universe provides everyone with unlimited resources, it’s the thinking mind that creates a block of a false identification of self which leads to death while you are alive… "
" Because of the small minded limited view developed, you think that what you think about is so important, but it’s only important to the small minded limited I Self… "
" Urges arise because “I” wants to satisfy some pleasure it’s making you think is needed, and “I” will win out every time until there’s awareness to not give into the urges and stay out of harms way… "
" All conflicts arise from within yourself. They’re derived from internal mind agitations. Without discipline the mind will never settle nor will the agitation of needing to reach for something externally… "