" Regardless of what happens in life it will not stay the same, but it’s not because things change that causes the mind to become agitated, the agitation arises because the change isn’t wanted. "
" Labels and roles are all part of one’s conditioning, with the stage being set for life to be played out. Although one is always on the stage, in silence the labels and roles aren’t needed. "
" Life will always be as it is regardless of what one’s story of faith is. Mostly faith is used to provide false comfort which isn’t really needed if one would just live life as it reveals itself. "
" If you only see through the view of the conditioning in place, a new view will not be allowed, this prevents the mind from expanding beyond its own created conditioned limits. "
" Pleasing thoughts, not so pleasing thoughts, the attached association to either one allows the start button of emotions to be pushed which will last until the associated label is let go of. "
" Be with what arises, no pulling or pushing, just awareness of what’s happening. It is in the space of awareness that you’ll be usefully aware and this is because this space is the only place that truly exists. "
" The Conditioned Mind is unstable because there’s nothing solid for it to base itself in. There’s very little peace in a life that’s based in the mind because its energy constantly wants things different. "
" What occurs when one awakens is there’s a shift that opens the heart, this allows the truth that has always been there to be revealed so where there was once blindness one now sees. "