" Our beliefs manifest in many different ways, mostly as thought formed ideas, and concepts, but at the core of any of them is an attachment to the form of self that doesn’t truly exist. "
" When there’s attachment and you become the observer, the one who just observes disappears, that is until “I” is let go of, it is then that one can simply observe without labeling the observer. "
" If one is to break free from the Conditioned Mind, the next step in the evolutionary process has to be taken. This is the letting go of all dependencies that are used for one to feel complete. "
" People have left us maps to help find the treasure within, but if the map points to someone or something out there as the treasure, it’s probably not a true treasure map. "
" When the mind settles the need to reach for something lessens. In the process the hole of loneliness disappears and it’s simply because an “I” story of a hole isn’t being created… "
" Open minded energy allows for objectivity and truth to be seen, and it can remain free flowing and beneficial as long as there isn’t attachment which closes the mind and only allows you to see things one way. "
" Until “become like little children” is truly understood, the adult conditioning will remain in control as bias, prejudice, hate, and greed. This is the real tragedy of when a child’s life is taken because their innocence is also taken. "
" You can only think what you think and react as you react because the conditioning in place is in control, and no matter how much you think you choose what you do, there is no choice… "