" A solid footing and strong roots are essential in trying times as well as in good ones because there will be test and if this steadfast resolve isn’t firmly in place the test will knock you over without hesitation… "
" The conditioned way of the world is to cope with suffering by suffering. This is the delusion in place that keeps one suffering by attaching to unconscious actions that cause more suffering… "
" The only way one will ever be truly content is without the story that something other than this moment will provide contentment. When this is understood so will true contentment be understood… "
" When there’s unconscious blaming it’s unloving, it has to be as it’s the nature of blaming. It matters little how it’s justified and for what reason the blaming is done, all blaming separates as it arises from unconscious energy… "
" Most people haven’t an inkling of how much suffering the Conditioned Mind causes and until it’s fully realized it’s better to be quiet; when seeing things from quiet there’s no mind separation… "
" What the unawareness of unconscious baited energy does is it keeps the exact energy that you’re trying to break free from in place; when the bait is taken so is the freedom of choice… "
" The shift that occurs in an awakening is the inner opening of the heart which allows the truth from within to arise. When this occurs where you would once look only on the surface you now look within… "
" Be the watcher of the occurrences that happen in your life and be the recipient of a peace that’s not understood. Or not and stay trapped in the judging and labeling process of the Conditioned Mind… "