" Blaming others for your discontent is the epitome of unconsciousness…Blaming yourself for your discontent is a little better, at least you are looking inward…Blame no one and there is no one to be discontented… "
" Without applying labels and stories to what happens to you, there’s existence beyond words. This is where you will be free from attachment to self and without attachment you can truly be you. "
" The Conditioned Mind loves to create problems, until this is seen it will continue to do so even though everything in life is temporary, especially the Conditioned Mind problems that are created… "
" You may not be able to do anything about the state of how things are right now, but you can live in a way that lets your light shine through by just being with what’s here now and doing what’s in front of you… "
" Life is not a made up perfection where it has to be the way one thinks it should be. Whatever arises has to be accepted exactly as it is with seeing its perfection regardless of how much it’s desired to be different. "
" Understanding delusion is one of the attributes of waking up, but it’s not the delusions of the world that entrap you, it’s the delusions that run your life that hold you in bondage… "
" Reaching for an object happens because “I” makes this so. Only turning away from the clinging to “I” will result in true freedom and this is because it’s the turning away that provides the letting go. "
" The value of using the body as an anchor for present moment living is it doesn’t make anything up, only the mind does so when the body is used to be present, truth arises; this is beautiful in its simplicity… "