" The depth of our stillness is what determines the depth of our love. Without depth there is just what’s on the surface and this flip flops so easily because of the dependency on things. "
" The search for peace will never result in peace because the search itself is what keeps one from experiencing peace. Only when the mind settles will the discontent subside and just like that therein lies one’s peace. "
" When impermanence is understood the craving for fulfillment is replaced with a satisfaction that whatever happens next doesn’t really matter because one day what happens next will prove just how impermanent everything is. "
" There’s no denying the Conditioned Mind is like a pleasure seeking machine, but giving in constantly to doing what’s liked keeps the conditioning in control and thus one in bondage to it. "
" One has to be just as ok with perfect disease as with perfect health for there to be silence. Only when silent will it be seen that everything will work itself out and it’s because there’s no needing anything different. "
" The only way loving energy can be emitted out into the world is by allowing the silence of the Universe to play the instrument without one putting their conditioned selfish spin on it. "
" Life isn’t a competition to be more spiritual than someone else, it’s simply to find that place within which doesn’t require a story or concept to be at peace and to remain there as much as possible. "
" Unconsciousness is ignorance and although there’s no bliss in being ignorant, there is a certain innocence in not knowing what you don’t know. Until what you don’t know becomes known you just won’t know. "