Sandhya Jane


Second Spring
Sandhya Jane


“It is a myth that women are the more complicated sex. Men too, have their moods and whims. They too, respond to every gauntlet that is thrown at them, either overtly or covertly.”

“At the end of the day, man-management is all about managing people's sense and sensitivity...”

“Follow your heart, includes your responsibilities in everyday life; else heart will have only regrets at the end” from Second Spring

“Love in Life is never a battle of 'win' or 'loss' but a journey of unconditional acceptance.” from Second Spring

“Loving someone selflessly would mean sharing their happiness whether you are part of that happiness or not.” ― Second Spring by Sandhya Jane

“Our way of life decrees that everyone is born with a pre-determined destiny. With good karma, one can try to make the most of one’s circumstances. But that’s all. There is a lot that is beyond the power of mere humans, ; the future unfolds the way it is meant to. Everyone acts the way they are meant to and lives as they are meant to, ; not a moment more, not a moment less. Each person that you meet has a role to play and nothing can alter that. The relationship they share with you, the duration of their presence in your life, all of it is ordained” ― Sandhya Jane from Second Spring

It's never over till it's really over in your mind...