Ram Krishna Singh
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I live in a crowd of fakes

smallness rises with age


my mind has ceased to think

new metaphors hardly happen


hunger keeps me awake all night

I mitigate minginess


inner lives are emptied

and filled with fresh stresses


too many fault lines run through

to make sense of the divide


my passion itches and prompts

I nuzzle the virtual too


it’s the same virus replicating

the same hackers that hurt


the vigor and rigor of

the new, left or pushed behind


whatever the remedy

wounds take deaths to heal






Luck awaits me

if I could buy it from

her miracles stores


she gives me three dates

for her call to reach

the higher cosmic forces


she dreams me stand

in the middle of a

tree-lined park


against saffron flowers

flashes of light focus

on my serene face


the shower of gold tempts

a being of light descends

I’m offered a new life


divine abundance

defeat of enemies

and stream of love


if I could pay

for her rituals of

angelic magic





It’s part of prayer

to have the lingam kissed

or kiss it to feel


the creator’s pulse

for a moment

thank the body too


that houses the spirit

we seek in His name

for relief and salvation


through the cycle

of day and night

meeting and departing


learning and unlearning

each moment synthesizing

god, sex and the world



I’m true in my element

begotten of earth

hungry to mate with sky:


seek me in song of songs

in kisses that he and she

rehearse on way to bed


the voluptuous squeezes

fulfillment of godly

and bodily promises