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" When life is based on lies that manifest as thoughts, it’s those thoughts that keep you attached to the lies, and if discipline isn’t developed to expose these thoughts, lies will be the base of your existence… "
" Your inner light brightness shines to the degree of surrender that allows loving energy to be your guide. The brighter the light the more people will see it and be touched… "
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Story Time with Tricycle and Friends

On 08/21/2018 , 04:PM
Come meet Tricycle and Romeo, the two rescued 3-legged Golden Retrievers who star in their true life children's book Tricycle and Friends.

Organizer - Fannin County Library

Tricycle and Friends

On 08/11/2018 , 02:PM
Meet the actual stars of our children's book Tricycle and Romeo, both are rescued 3-legged Golden Retrievers. Get your book "pawtographed" by Tricycle himself.

Organizer - Barnes & Noble


Self~Empowerment: Today’s Positive Statement- 12/15/19~

Today’s self-empowering statement to positively affect yourself:


"I am grateful for this day today! I am grateful that I have more opportunities to enjoy myself! I am grateful to those who are not harming others, to those who are not negatively affecting others, and to those who are not worsening the world! I am grateful to those who positively affect others, to those who thrive on the goodness of themselves, and to those who strive to better the world around themselves! I am grateful for the inspiration, empowerment, and encouragement that I receive wherever I go! I am moving forward with gratitude..."

to continue a greater life!

Source: https://repeat-with-me-i-am-success.mn.co/posts/4559025

#empowering #motivationalquote . #positivethinking #selftalk . #positiveaffirmation . #inspire #aspire . #motivate #success . #empower #positive #affirmation . #goodlife #selfimprovement . #happiness #life #selfcare . #positiveattitude #gratitude . #selflove #selfesteem #selfactualization #selfdiscovery #selfmotivation #selfawareness #selfhelp #selfconfidence #selfworth #selfhealing #selfdevelopment #selfmastery #selfrespect . #healthful . #positivepsychology #mentalhealth #assistance . #mindfulness~

Wellness Saturday~ 12/14/19

Disallow yourself from giving in to any temporary problematic ailments of some form or another at whatever degree of pain and annoyance you're acknowledging at the moment. We're all mentally irritated throughout moments of our existence. So, empower through because you deserve to live a blissful fulfilled life!

Consciously self-direct toward achieving your full potential. Elevate your wellness for the kind of lifestyle of better mental and spiritual well-being that uplifts your soul, mindset, and physicality for the better. Positively affirm good health within and believe in what you desire for yourself with an attitude of gratitude. This is my reasoning revolving around the investment in your health education, so one may learn more about what energizes them to actively continue on their desired path.

Here is today's wellness assistance to improve yourself for a healthier well-being. Hope this piece of advice helps with better care for your health and well-being for better moments today and an ideal tomorrow because you deserve to be that much better as the world needs you~

CHEERS~ to your bliss and best version of yourself as you're meant to be with your great day continuing~

Lies Disguised as Thoughts

When life is based on lies that manifest as thoughts, it’s those thoughts that keep you attached to the lies, and if discipline isn’t developed to expose these thoughts, lies will be the base of your existence…

My life was based on lies that I thought were true and those thoughts is what kept me attached to the lies. These were the developed tools to live my life, there came a time when I knew I had to find different tools. Everything was pointing me to the mind so I knew that’s where my answers were, I just didn’t know how they were going to manifest. I did know I had to find some way to allow my I Self mind to settle or my suffering was going to continue.

My mind began to settle when I started sitting as I was becoming more aware of the thoughts that arose which were causing me to reach outside myself for satisfaction. Reaching for something was just a tool I used. The value of discipline is if you don’t develop it you will have none and the old tools will remain in place along with being controlled by your thoughts. Developing discipline means the your thoughts become less and less controlling and as there is less control there is more discipline to not give in to them. I never had the discipline to not give in to them so I just did what was there, but today what’s there is different so it has manifested as life being different. It‘s by no means a doing on my part, but there is a willingness to develop the discipline to allow this to take place simply because without it the undisciplined thoughts will remain in control…




I live in a crowd of fakes

smallness rises with age


my mind has ceased to think

new metaphors hardly happen


hunger keeps me awake all night

I mitigate minginess


inner lives are emptied

and filled with fresh stresses


too many fault lines run through

to make sense of the divide


my passion itches and prompts

I nuzzle the virtual too


it’s the same virus replicating

the same hackers that hurt


the vigor and rigor of

the new, left or pushed behind


whatever the remedy

wounds take deaths to heal






Luck awaits me

if I could buy it from

her miracles stores


she gives me three dates

for her call to reach

the higher cosmic forces


she dreams me stand

in the middle of a

tree-lined park


against saffron flowers

flashes of light focus

on my serene face


the shower of gold tempts

a being of light descends

I’m offered a new life


divine abundance

defeat of enemies

and stream of love


if I could pay

for her rituals of

angelic magic