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" Life doesn’t need the answers that you seek to be, only the Conditioned Mind needs those answers. I Am; nothing more is needed because it already encompasses all that life has to offer… "
" If you’re always looking to what’s next for your validation maybe you shouldn’t be doing what’s next. What’s here now holds the key to your validation, what’s next is the delusion that something else is needed... "
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Story Time with Tricycle and Friends

On 08/21/2018 , 04:PM
Come meet Tricycle and Romeo, the two rescued 3-legged Golden Retrievers who star in their true life children's book Tricycle and Friends.

Organizer - Fannin County Library

Tricycle and Friends

On 08/11/2018 , 02:PM
Meet the actual stars of our children's book Tricycle and Romeo, both are rescued 3-legged Golden Retrievers. Get your book "pawtographed" by Tricycle himself.

Organizer - Barnes & Noble


Self~Empowerment: Today’s Positive Statement- 07/19/19~

Today’s self-empowering statement to positively affect yourself:


"I am still moving forward and carrying on through thick and thin regardless of where I am! I am still thriving with my awesomeness and enjoying myself to the best of my abilities, talents, skills, and interests! I am doing more than just surviving..."

to continue a greater life!

Great day to you, as a great day continues~

Edward F. T. Charfauros

Life Guide and Author

Source: Repeat With Me: I AM SUCCESS!

Mindful Thursday~ 07/18/19

There is so much more to better yourself for better moments of today, for an appreciative yesterday, and for your ideal tomorrow. The world needs your awesomeness as you would greatly benefit from the best version of you. So, improve your self-awareness and improve your self-management to continue a greater life that you deserve.

Use today's Mindful-Amusement to help yourself toward a better mindset and lifestyle. Cultivate self~love within because you deserve to be, live, and enjoy that much better beyond your imagination. Don't settle for less believing there is so much more for you beyond your physical reach and mental belief!

CHEERS~ to your bliss and success continuing...

Source: Mindful~Amusement~

I Am is Life

Life doesn’t need the answers that you seek to be, only the Conditioned Mind needs those answers. I Am; nothing more is needed because it already encompasses all that life has to offer…

I Am is the simplest yet most complex phrase that we will ever one upon. Simple when it’s understood, complex when it isn’t. The complexity of it lies in its simplicity. I Am is natural state of existence. It’s the place where conditions were just right and our manifestation in this form began. It’s the place of non judgement, non bias. The place where there is no prejudice; in this place there is only Universal Love. This really isn’t a place though because this is where you already are. There is just so much noise going on in between your ears that you most likely don’t even know this exist. When it’s learned to allow the noise to subside, what you are left with is I AM.

Practice diligently to develop discipline so you can be in the place of truly existence, the moment of “I Am”. Most people live in a delusional state of the past or future, but with discipline you won’t have to be in any place except where you are. Every other place is delusional. It’s your own mind that keeps us from this moment; your place of peace, I Am. It’s because of your conditioning that this occurs. Recondition the mind to remain in the present moment (I Am) and you will never leave this place of peace. In your “I Am” there’s no wanting. When you don’t want, its because you don’t need. When you don’t need you will be at Peace. In the state of I Am anything is possible because in this state you are in alignment with Universal Love and when you’re truly in alignment with love, you are in harmony with your life…




Hamlet came a calling
He didn't say a lot
He was tired and cold and hungry
We gave him honey
From a pot

We breathed warm air upon him
In a kind and caring way
But it really didn't help a lot
Poor Hamlet passed away

He hadn't lost his colour
Still perfect as a pearl
We wrapped him in an autumn leaf
That had just begun to curl

We placed him in the branches
Of a tree that fateful day
In it's arms a frozen moment
Of when poor Hamlet passed away

So sad he didn't make it
But glad a chance to share
In a kindly woven moment
A moment love laid bare

Fragile 'did' for Hamlet
How fragile you and me
Everything is fragile
Beware fragility!

How beautiful was Hamlet
That humble....Bumble.... Bee

The Chalk Stream Lament

Someone broke into my heart where I rise beneath the Downs
And stole my chalk stream water and sold me to the towns
I don't know what you called me I don't think I had a name
Call me 'crystal clear spring water' I was gifted by the rain

My shining waters sounded out
With every rise and fall
In August I would whisper
In January call
Now I move quite slowly
Will I die is this my death?
I don't want to join the silent
I want to live not fight for breath

I want my life blood back again
To leap and turn and run
Sing out loud and sparkle
Flood meadows and feel the sun
Let me spill into the river
Ride the tides that come and go
Let me run my course forever
It's the only thing I know

I want those who lived within me
And those who've passed this way
And all who lived beside me
To come home, home to stay
Here with me when I was born
Long before you came
By my plunder you may reach the stars
But you'll whither just the same

So should I die don't mourn my loss
I'm home, I'm in the rain
And all in all rain has to fall
Somewhere I'll rise again.